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About me




My first love was photography. Actually that is not true, my first love was literature. I studied literature in the South of France and completed a BA in Modern Literature. If you don't believe that, here is a picture of my university ID from that very studious time:

Université Paul Valery, Montpellier, 1995

It is during my time at university that I picked up photography, and very quickly discovered a passion for visuals, spending hours in the darkroom, developing black and white film, and watching the magic happen, when images suddenly reveal themselves under the red light. It was... a revelation.

Saigon, 2001

Soon enough, I wanted those images to move, to have sound, and colour and music. Music... ! Before film, before photography, before literature, there was music. And if you don't believe that, here is a picture of me at the beginning - and end - of a promising career as a keyboarder in a rock band:


Half a pint, ca. 1992

Thus film came to combine everything I cherish: storytelling, images, sound and music. And if you have a passion for observing the world and the people that populate it, and spend too much time meditating why things are the way they are, and whether they could or should be improved, then it it seems natural to start with the documentary film.


I guess it is the same social and political concern that motivated me many years later, to get involved with the Luxembourgish Association of Film Directors and Scriptwriters, which I have had the honour to lead since 2010 (ww.lars.lu).


But back to school. After my bachelor in Modern Literature in 1997, I made a Master's in Visual Culture at the Middlesex University in London. Soon afterwards I started working as a tv reporter for RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg. During the three years I spent on and off there, I was given a lot of freedom to experiment with form and content. Here is an example of my work at that time:

The Gravediggers, 2001

During that same period, I took time off from RTL, to do trainings at UFA film and tv production in Berlin and Cologne (thanks to the CLT-UFA media award I had won) and also at the Compagnie des Phares et Balises in Paris. Amongst many different jobs, I was production assistant from the live broadcast of the Love Parade in Berlin in the year 2000, director's assistant on a documentary for arte, researcher for a tv magazine, and runner on a crime series. I can proudly say that I worked my way up from the bottom, and started with carrying cables and making coffee (hum... I still have to do this today sometimes... 🤔)


By the year 2002 I was commissioned by RTL to do a documentary series on a camping site in Luxembourg. It seems pretty obvious today, that this production already foreshadowed the series routwäissgro, I was to do many years later. See for yourself:


The Luxembourgers, from the camping series, 2002

After that series, and the satisfaction that comes with having found what you are looking for (and the dissatisfaction of working and living under too many constraints), I was craving for more - for the big screen, for cinema. So I enrolled at the One Year Filmmaking program at the New York Film Academy. I spent an extraordinary year in New York, and completed the program successfully: 

NYFA, 2003

After completing the program in the Big City, I came back to Luxembourg, and established myself as an independent filmmaker. Most of what I did from then on can be found on this website. Hope you like it, Yann.



TV Documentary series / 2014 - current / 24 x 26 min. 

Production: Calach Films & K-13 for RTL Télé Lëtzebuerg


Zëmmer ze verlounen

Sitcom / 2018 / 26 min.

Production: Calach Films

Director of 2 episodes. Broadcast on RTL september 2018


De Bopebistro Tour (aka Alehouse Rock)

Musical documentary / 2014 / 69 min.

Production: Maskénada

The film follows the musician Serge Tonnar and his folk rock combo Legotrip on their acoustic tour through the small rural cafés of the countryside.


Atelier Luxembourg

Documentary / 2013 / 75 min.

Production: Samsa Film, Casino Luxembourg – Forum d'art contemporain

A film about the contemporary art scene.



TV sitcom / 2011 / 26 min.

Production: Deal Productions

FIrst Luxembourgish sitcom. 2 episodes written and directed


Music While We Work

Art installation / 2011

Production: Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Collaboration with artist Hong-Kai Wang on her sound and video installation for the Taiwanese Pavilion at the 54th Venice Art Biennial


Schrebergaart (aka Garden Stories)

Documentary / 2011 / 55 min.

Production: Samsa Film

Plot: The microcosm of garden allotments in a steel town, observed through the four seasons.


Casino channel

Exhibition documentation / 2006 - 2012

Production: Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain.

Production of numerous documentations of exhibitions and artist interviews.


Mir wëllen net bleiwen

Documentary / 2010 / 104 min.

Production: Iris Productions

co-directed with Pascal Becker

Plot: Luxembourgers in exile, and why they left the richest country in the world.



Documentary / 2008 / 55 min.

Production: Samsa Film / Maskénada

Plot: Asylum seekers followed over a period of three years


Junk Food

Short fiction / 2003 / 19 min.

Production: New York Film Academy


2003: Filmmaking Program, New York Film Academy

1998: MA in Visual Culture, Middlesex University London

1997: BA in Modern Literature, Université Toulouse-Le Mirail

1994: Lycéee des Garçons Luxembourg: A Levels in Language and Literature